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This is what I like to keep simple.

To hire me for the entire day to capture your wedding is just £800

What I include in this price:

Prior to your wedding, I like to get to know you so recommend meeting up at least twice before the wedding day, when possible. I feel this helps you to feel more comfortable with me, and results in better photographs being captured on your special day that you will hopefully cherish for many years. 


On your day, I would be shooting from anywhere between 8 - 12 hours depending on the day’s schedule. I work in a very relaxed and calming manner with my aim being to interfere or pose-you as little as possible so you are free to enjoy your day. The only staged images I would capture on the day would be for any group shots that you request and a short walk with you as a newly wed couple, even this would be kept as relaxed and as unstaged as I can. To me the candid photos tell a more meaningful story of your day.


I normally capture around 2000 images and my aim is to present you with around 500 of those images which will all be beautifully edited. I aim to present these images to you within 4-6 weeks after your wedding day as I don’t like to keep you waiting. All images are presented digitally on a media storage device in both high and low resolution. The high resolution are for printing and the low resolution is for uploading online and social media. I give full permission for you to print, share and post any image I capture of your day. 


I also set up an online gallery with a bespoke password and downloadable images. This way, once the gallery is online, you are welcome to direct your friends and family to log in so they can relive your day and also download any image they wish. The gallery will be low resolution so sadly not the best for printing in any large size but ok for small prints.


I don’t provide wedding albums as to me, this is something that is nice to do as a newly wed couple. Instead I give full permission for you to make as many prints with my photos as you wish.


I hope this gives you a good understanding of what I provide and how I work. As I don’t wish to create a compromised package, I offer this one set price to make it as easy for you as possible. 

Candid and unobtrusive wedding photography

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