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My name is Tom and I am a wedding photographer who enjoys working in a documentary and candid style

On your day, I work in a very relaxed and calming way and my aim is to blend in as much as possible. It's your day for me to capture and my aim is to showcase your special day from a guest's perspective. The better I can blend in, the more fun you and your guests can have enjoying your wedding.

I started getting an interest in photography around 2007. I loved capturing landscapes and originally just wanted to capture something nice to hang on a wall. Through the power of social media, my friends and family noticed my photography and some even asked me to photograph their weddings, which was a great experience, however I focused mainly still on landscape photography. 

All completely changed when my daughter was born. Being a proud dad with a camera, I took every opportunity to take photos of my daughter. The most amazing feeling was comparing images of her when she was just a few weeks to just a few months; it made me realize how fast she's growing and how important it is to capture these moments that will not repeat ever again. This was the moment when I realized I wanted to capture life in a different sense to landscapes. I wanted to capture the magical moments, the firsts, the emotions and the laughter. My aim was and is to capture the moments that will tell a story. While I still enjoy taking amazing landscape photos, my interest in capturing moments and making memories became increasingly important. 

Shortly after this realisation, I was asked by another friend to photograph their wedding and, this time, I had my own idea of how to do it. I loved the photos I took at that wedding and that really made me want to do wedding photography, not to mention the couple's feedback and reactions when they saw the photos completely convinced me that I was on the right path. 

I have now photographed over 50 weddings and I absolutely loved every single moment of it!

As my journey with photographing people started with capturing moments as they happened - usually my daughter crawling around and figuring out what every thing tastes like - I felt this is the style of photography I like best which is why I capture weddings this way... This time, however, I photograph people tasting wine and beer, and less furniture :-)

Apart from photography, who am I?

I am a father of two, one of each. A little young lady and an absolute whirlwind of a boy. My daughter is smarter than I am and my son is ten times as brave. These two are my absolute world.

I am a foodie, both size and taste. I love cooking and eating. Feast type meals with sides and dips and wine and I am a happy man. Paella is my favourite food to cook.

I have a huge passion for cars and motorsport. I love Formula 1 and I have worked in the motor industry for 22 years now. Most of my time has been spent working with BMW and Porsche

Music is a part of my life. I have a very eclectic taste but you will usually find me listening to something from the 80s. This is also true with movies, something about that decade that I like.

I hope this gives you a good idea of who I am and why I do what I do.

I would love to hear from you if you are getting married and looking for a wedding photographer. Always happy to meet over a coffee or beer to discuss




Emma and Rich

We can not recommend Tom highly enough. Tom went above and beyond for us and was an integral to our special day. Thank you so much! Emma and Rich

George and Michelle

We hired Tom for our wedding on the 15th July 2022.
We met twice before at the venue and he was such a gentleman.
Then on the day he arrived smart, his personality came alive, without being intrusive of the wedding day and provided us with the most amazing photos
I would recommend this business to anyone wanting to capture their special day.


Tom was our wedding photographer.
He is awesome. Professional, yet relaxed. You forget that he is even there. Very attentive, does what you ask. Also has great ideas of what would or wouldn't work. Tom's approach really captures the essence of the day. We have fantastic photos that we our proud to show off.
We recommend Tom totally.